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Guose Company Team Building Activity

On February 24th, Guose company held a team building activity lasting for almost one day. Every employee engaged themselves in this event and it united us as a team.

Guose Company Alibaba March Expo Kick-off Meeting

Guose company held a kick-off meeting for Alibaba March Expo, all our sales team set up their goals in the meeting.

Guose Company the First Day of Worker After the Spring Festival

At the First day of Work, all the guose company employees received a big red pocket from our bosses. And those unmarried also got lucky money from those married colleagues.

Guose company new factory bigger factory

On November 1st, Guose company held a new factory opening ceremony, we invite our clients and employee to join us and memorize this important day for Guose, one of the professional container house manufacturers in China.

Guose Company November Year-end Promotion Plan

As one of the leading commercial container manufacturers, Guose Company is now working on promotion plans to have a better deal with our potential clients, more discounts are coming.