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The Dominican Republic prefab house

1.Luxury Prefab House 2.The Dominican Republic prefab house  3.Pictures 4.Introduction A project for a company in The Dominican Republic. This double-layer container coffee shop consists of sereval containers. Based on the requirement of the customer, the first floor of th

Philippines Container House

1.Standard Prefab House 2.Philippines Container House  3.Pictures 4.Introduction This project is for a company in Philippines. Because the location of this country is near the equator, and the climate of the Philippines is characterized by high temperatures, heavy rain, high humid

Lsrael Prefab House

1.Luxury Prefab House 2.Israel prefab house  3.Pictures 4.Introduction This blue curved-design prefab house is a special project for Israel. After a long-time discussion, we utilize a whole tempered glass wall to replace the sandwich panel, and this make the whole prefab house mod