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Container exhibition hall for displaying cars

We built a container exhibition hall for displaying cars in China Since 1996, we continue to manufacture and construct prefabricated buildings for different sectors with our expertise in prefabricated buildings. On March,2023, we built a car showcase exhibition hall using containers, it wa

Steel Prefabricated Houses exhibition hall for medical-care&fire-fighting knowledge

A container exhibition hall built for medical-care&fire-fighting knowledge in Hongkong In year 2022, we received a special order for building an exhibition hall showing all kinds of fire-fighting and medical-care knowledge. The budget for this project is relatively low, so the thing ca

A 40ft Premade Container House Used in New Zealand

A 40ft Livng Container House Used in New Zealand This premade container house is used in a small village, New Zealand. The host of this house said he wants to build a house in an environmentally friendly way, so we recommended him to use container. The container house is low cost and much easier

Shipping Container Coffee Shop in Japan

Shipping Container Coffee Shop in Japan This container coffee shop is adapted from a 20ft shipping container house. The buyer from Japan would like to start a small business and he is the only employee of his store. In this case, a container made coffee shop is the best choice for him. As it

Customized Street Coffee Shop Container House in Chinese Cities

Coffee Shop Container House used in Chinese City As the working pace get faster lately in China, young people are addicted to coffee because of great work load.Therefore, street coffee shop is in great need. Since the instability of the coffee shop environment in China, choosing to open a coffee