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Shipping Container Coffee Shop in Japan

Shipping Container Coffee Shop in Japan

Feb 28,2023

Shipping Container Coffee Shop in Japan

This container coffee shop is adapted from a 20ft shipping container house. The buyer from Japan would like to start a small business and he is the only employee of his store. In this case, a container made coffee shop is the best choice for him. As it is all known, there are many earthquakes every year in Japan. It is much better to have a container store against earthquake, since it is one storey and anti-shock. 

The benefits of container shop
1. Easy to move and install: The container itself is a large box used to carry and transport goods, so the movement and installation of container shops are relatively convenient and fast, and the location and layout can be adjusted at any time according to the needs.

2. Stylish and exquisite appearance design: container shops are not as rigid and serious as traditional buildings, but have a strong sense of fashion and unique appearance design. This special appearance design can stimulate people's curiosity and interest, and attract more people to visit and take pictures.

3. Diversified uses: containers can be used as display venues for commercial activities, as well as small food trucks, music cafes, small art galleries and other places. Different applications can meet the needs of different groups of people, greatly expanding the scope of application of containers.

4. Can create more social influence: the appearance design and flexible use of the container shops are easy to attract people's attention and likes, and can be spread through various channels such as social networks and media to generate more social influence force.

5. Environmental protection and economy: The transformation of containers can be well recycled and used to reduce construction waste, and because the price of containers is cheaper than traditional buildings, it is more economical to transform containers.