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Solar Container House with Smart Home System

Solar Container House with Smart Home System

Jun 08,2023

Solar Container House with Smart Home System

Our newly invented solar container house with a system that is able to control all the electric devices in the house.This house serves as a relaxing place for passers-by, there are water dispenser, air conditioner, television, ice maker to provide water and cooling experience. Ourside the house, solar panels on the wall provide the basic electricity need.

History of container development
Residential container houses originated from nineteen century. They were used to carry textiles, and they were shipped to the United States, Germany, etc. to carry goods. But prefabricated homes originated in the United States, dating back to the early days of automobiles and electric road trips, which were like a walking house, and were often used by people for camping.

Because of its strong mobility and low construction cost, this house was favored by a group of people who lived in irregular locations. At that time, the people who used this kind of house were people who lived in irregular locations or poor people. In 2007, the general manager of SG Blocks saw the business opportunity of container house, and stacked up a giant steel honeycomb container house with containers. The environmental protection of container houses is more resistant to wind and sand, earthquakes, fires, etc. than traditional houses.

Slowly container houses were used for offices, sentry boxes, warehouses, etc. Two thousand years later, with the rapid development of the real estate industry, container houses gradually matured. The concept of high efficiency and environmental protection was popular, and the nature gradually changed into the current living container house.

Now you can see all kinds of containers everywhere, which are very individual and have attracted a large number of young people to become famous living container houses.