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A 40ft Premade Container House Used in New Zealand

A 40ft Premade Container House Used in New Zealand

Apr 16,2023

A 40ft Livng Container House Used in New Zealand

This premade container house is used in a small village, New Zealand. The host of this house said he wants to build a house in an environmentally friendly way, so we recommended him to use container. The container house is low cost and much easier to reuse. Meanwhile, the materials we use do the least harm to the nature. The use of shipping container enables the house to look more beautiful and modern from the outside.  As you can see in the project, the container is well-furnished. If you don't want to buy furniture in your country, we can help you with all the purchases.

More information about eco-friendly container house 

Container houses are very popular prefabricated buildings now. They are low-cost, environmentally friendly and low-carbon, and are very popular in domestic and foreign markets. Now there are many landing cases, and container homestays are also one of them. The construction of container homestay is fast, safe and has many other advantages.

The container homestay is assembled by modular containers. After several containers are combined and built, they can form a comfortable residence. The appearance of the container homestay is varied, which can not only increase the size of people's living space, but also bring people living fun.

The container homestay is not limited by the site, and can increase the space according to the different requirements to meet various living needs. It can not only increase the space horizontally and increase the area of each functional room, but also increase the space vertically to make a multi-storey homestay. The container homestay can also be perfectly combined with the terrain, and the combination of containers can be changed according to the terrain.

The construction cost of the container homestay is low. During the construction period, there is less garbage and less noise, and the time spent is much less than that of the traditional homestay. The whole construction process is very green, low-carbon and environmentally friendly.

Container homestays can be built quickly, are environmentally friendly, low-cost, and can also take into account the aesthetics and artistry, so it is becoming more and more popular.