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Guose Company Team Building Activity

On February 24th, Guose company held a team building activity lasting for almost one day. Every employee engaged themselves in this event and it united us as a team.

Guose Company Alibaba March Expo Kick-off Meeting

Guose company held a kick-off meeting for Alibaba March Expo, all our sales team set up their goals in the meeting.

How to keep glass container house in a good condition

The components of the glass container house are relatively standard, there are no complicated components, and the degree of mechanization in the process of processing is relatively high. It is completed on the assembly line to ensure the quality. At the same time, the tightness of packaging and t

Details about L-shaped container home in Australia

Shipping container houses have redefined modern architecture. Designers and architects from all over the world have turned discarded containers into independent small houses. Cost-effective, ecological modular containers are the creativity of designers and architects. This Australian Container

The advantage of choosing to build shipping container homes

Due to the good rental income of shipping container homes, this type of mobile homes has gradually become popular and has become a new trend for people to live or rent. The design style of this mobile home is derived from the shipping container. Because of its flexible assembly, customers can freely