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Steel Prefabricated Houses exhibition hall for medical-care&fire-fighting knowledge

Steel Prefabricated Houses exhibition hall for medical-care&fire-fighting knowledge

Feb 28,2023

A container exhibition hall built for medical-care&
fire-fighting knowledge in Hongkong

In year 2022, we received a special order for building an exhibition hall showing all kinds of fire-fighting and medical-care knowledge. The budget for this project is relatively low, so the thing came up to our mind is Steel Prefabricated Houses. The exhibition hall is made of eight container houses combined, and the roof is special designed against heavy rainfall. Inside, most of the electronic devices including the big LED screen are provided by gouse company. Since we have complete supply-chain system, we can find nearly every thing you need in china, as long as it can be produce here.

More information about container house against water leakage 

To prevent water leakage in prefabricated houses, the following points need to be paid attention to:

1. Fully consider the climate characteristics of the area where the prefabricated house is located, and adopt waterproof measures and materials suitable for the area.

2. In view of the problems that are easy to occur during construction and use, the waterproof structure of the prefabricated house should be modified after multi-party discussion, so that the prefabricated house can be as simple and reasonable as possible in structure.

3. Provide training for the installation and construction personnel of the prefabricated houses, and conduct technical disclosure for the hidden parts of water leakage.

4. To design the structure of prefabricated houses reasonably, various factors such as cost, roof slope, and plate type should be considered comprehensively.

5. Due to the material characteristics of the color steel plate, the waterproof material suitable for the metal roof panel is selected, such as butyl rubber with high bonding strength, good followability, and excellent weather resistance. 

Through the above advice, a good analysis of the prefabricated house will also help to improve the quality of the prefabricated house and avoid the problem of water leakage.