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Customized Street Coffee Shop Container House in Chinese Cities

Customized Street Coffee Shop Container House in Chinese Cities

Jan 20,2023

Coffee Shop Container House used in Chinese City

As the working pace get faster lately in China, young people are addicted to coffee because of great work load.Therefore, street coffee shop is in great need. Since the instability of the coffee shop environment in China, choosing to open a coffee shop using container is the best choice for smart start-ups. This coffee shop has a v-shape special design door, we make this design according to our customers' need. If you want something special on your container shop, we are very good at helping you in achieving it. 

The benefits of container shop
In the past, when mentioning containers, many people thought they were used for transporting goods or temporary housing on construction sites. In fact, containers have many functions. This type of container houses facing containers is between the first two types of prefabricated houses and container buildings. Basically adopting modular production technology, converting a container into suitable parts, which can be assembled on site when needed. Installation and removal speed, also reduces transportation costs.

Containers can not only be used to transport products, but also can be made into container houses, container stores and so on. The improved container is not only waterproof and heat-preserving, but also has a changeable shape, which will bring unexpected surprises to people. The advantage of the container shop is that the construction period is short, which is more than 85% faster than the traditional structure. The doors and windows are divided according to the design drawings, and then the positions are cut out. In addition, container shops can be recycled, and after the temporary construction approval expires, the location can be changed according to the actual situation. 80% of the materials in the container store can be recycled, which is a new type of building that is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.