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china prefabricated house design | Luxury Prefabricated House

Model: JZXF200721

1.This luxury prefabricated house consists of three 20 ft container house with delicate interior and exterior decoration.
2.A huge terrace on the second floor can be freely customized by the customer and it provide more useful space with less cost.
3.This prefabricated house is large enough for the owner to make customized layout design on it. The space on the second floor can be the private zoom which is being separated with the space in the first floor.
4.There are more extra space under the second floor for using.
5.The manufacturing of prefab house can save more expenses on the labor and materials. It is more cost-effective.
6.Less time for installation and less expenses

Wall color Customized
Window Glass windows
Door Glass door
Wall decoration Corrugated board
Earthquake resistance Level 8
Snow load capacity of roof 0.6kn/m2
Roof load-bearing capacity 0.6kn/m2
Allowable load on the wall 0.6kn/m2
Thermal Conductivity 0.35kcal/m2. hc
Application environment Basically suitable for use
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china prefabricated house design

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