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A dedicate design of a eco-friendly living container home

A dedicate design of a eco-friendly living container home

Apr 29,2022

Today we want to introduce a living container home built within 3 months, and it uses clean energy like the solar power. The basic structure of this house is a container with a length of 6 meters and a width of 2.4 meters. From the very beginning, this house was designed for environmental protection and low energy consumption. The house uses solar energy and wind energy, no external energy is required, and there is a water storage tank with purification function.

We can first take a look at this design draft, details of this house have been clearly listed.

Let's get a look at the exterior apperance of the house, the main part is a blue colored container, and it has solar panels on top, besides a fan devices to collect wind power.

This container house is equipped with solar panels and wind turbines to make sure the batteries are charged all day. Meanwhile, there are equipment to collect rainwater and purify it, then filter and distribute the water to bathroom or kitchen. 

The interior appearance of the house. Since the house is relatively tiny, so we can see a lot of small cabinets on the wall. Folding table, folding chairs, folding beds are used to save space.

The kitchen,compact but you can find everything you need for cooking.

The bathroom is large enough to hold two people at the same time, and it has a mobile toilet, shower room and a vanity.