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Details about L-shaped container home in Australia

Details about L-shaped container home in Australia

Jan 05,2023

Shipping container houses have redefined modern architecture. Designers and architects from all over the world have turned discarded containers into independent small houses. Cost-effective, ecological modular containers are the creativity of designers and architects.

This Australian Container Home is a small L-shaped house where two containers are connected together to form a building.

It is made of two 20ft containers with a total area of 30 sqft. The exterior of the walls was painted with heavy duty paint, aiming to keep an industrial style from the good old days.

The two containers are placed to form a right angle. Right in front of the retractable deck, residents can freely enjoyed the outdoor space with a large fireplace that can be used in any time of the year.

This container home is equipped with everything you need, it has solar powered system and water treatment system. Photovoltaic panels were placed on the roof to generate and store solar energy, and water tanks were built to store 1000 liters of rainwater. In addition, the integrated steel screens also provide some shade when residents want to rest on the terrace during sunny days.