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Different usage status of container houses at home and abroad

Different usage status of container houses at home and abroad

Dec 06,2020

folding container houses
Most of the container houses in our country are temporary houses, and there are many houses rebuilt from old containers, but most houses are temporary buildings at present. At a construction site, I saw three or four orange "container houses" lined up on the site.

Inside the container, basic living facilities such as power supply and beds are all complete. These container houses are used as temporary dormitories for workers. They are all transported here by large trucks and will be transported away after the completion of the project. These container houses have been specially rebuilt, so there is no problem in meeting the most basic accommodation. This is the usage of container houses in our country, but what about abroad?

Container houses are widely used in the world. As temporary houses, they can be moved and can be quickly installed by a few people. Now the rapid development of container houses has brought extraordinary enjoyment to mankind. Container houses have made major breakthroughs in production and design in recent years. The toilet in the former mobile room was very simple, but now there is a shower in the toilet, and the room can be very luxurious and extravagant.

Container houses provide a place for many people who can't afford a house. Nowadays, housing prices are very expensive. Houses have become ordinary people's dreams. It is a lifelong goal of many people, and many people cannot afford a house for a lifetime. Container houses came into being, allowing people with low incomes to have their own homes.

Due to the soaring prices, the container house leasing industry has emerged in some big cities. This simple building has been welcomed by many people. It is very comfortable and cheap. Therefore, it is very likely that it will become a housing in the future. It is protecting the environment and Convenience and other aspects have played a very good role.