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How to extend the service life of container houses?

How to extend the service life of container houses?

Mar 16,2021

1. The container house is connected to the whole building with steel layout parts. Users install electric lighting equipment. Wires cannot be directly tied to the steel layout. Line pipes or trough blocking devices should be installed to prevent electric shock.

2. After the installation of the container house is complete, the user is not allowed to change the layout privately, not to disassemble any bolts, and not to add or cut the partition wall. If it needs to be modified, it must be communicated with the manufacturer and agreed before the change can be made.

3. The container house is mainly made up of all the steel components, so it needs to perform the necessary protection tasks such as rust removal, painting, and innovation regularly. Generally, the paint should be protected once in 1-2 years, so that it can be beautiful and make the container house colorful.

4. Every time you leave the house, you must block all the power sources to prevent accidents. Do not use high-power electrical appliances or illegal electrical appliances.

5. Please do not use open flame stoves and high-power electrical appliances in the movable board room.

6. Please don't be upstairs, Benz, beating, and don't push or pull forcefully when using doors and windows.

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What kind of protection should be paid attention to when the container house is not used:

When the container is not in use, what are the main points to pay attention to to promote the maximum use of the container house for a long time? First of all, the prevention of container houses. In fact, the sun is the biggest source of damage. Direct sunlight on any object every day can cause damage to the object. Container houses are no exception, so when storing container houses, you must pay attention to the sun. Similarly, when it rains again, we must also take measures to prevent rain. Similarly, water is the easiest to corrode container houses.

Protection of container houses in transportation:

When the container house is in use, it is mainly afraid that obstacles will be encountered during transportation and the protective layer on the surface of the container house will be scratched. The container house will be easily eroded, thereby reducing the overall service life of the container house. Therefore, some obstacles that may collide must be avoided during transportation.

Protection of the container house in use:

When container houses are in use, measures such as fireproofing, anticorrosion, and waterproofing must be taken.

Fire is a common occurrence on current construction sites. If the container house you use is made of foam color steel plate, you must pay more attention to fire prevention.