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Introduction to the advantages of container houses

Introduction to the advantages of container houses

Aug 24,2021

What are the advantages of container houses, probably as follows:

Replace traditional building materials to realize the industrialization of the housing industry and improve the human living environment. Ultra-light and rigid housing, not only can replace the traditional housing model, but also completely use industrialized production building materials, replacing wood with steel, replacing bricks with steel, and replacing concrete with steel, which are environmentally friendly and energy-saving residences that will improve the living environment of humans in the 21st century. Good product.

 Ideal thermal insulation performance The ultra-light steel structure house adopts a fully enclosed thermal insulation and moisture-proof system, with small temperature changes and low heat loss. Regardless of winter and summer, it has a comfortable living environment. Outdoor 0°C, indoors can still keep above 17°C; when the outdoor temperature reaches 30°C, the indoor temperature is only about 21°C.

Significant energy-saving effect The ultra-light rigid structure house has low heat conduction, good thermal insulation performance and outstanding energy-saving effect. Compared with brick-concrete structure houses, it can save energy by more than 70%, and air-conditioning equipment in winter and summer can save electricity by more than 30%. It is a residential product with significant energy-saving effect at present. It has excellent sound insulation performance. The measured results show that when the outdoor environment is 80 decibels, it is only 40 decibels indoors. (80 decibels is noisy and 40 decibels is a quiet office environment).