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Office Container Guide: New Placement Method for Your Office

Office Container Guide: New Placement Method for Your Office

Dec 15,2021

Today, office containers become the most popular office place for most companies, especially the newly-born companies. For the new start-up companies, the placement of the office is the most difficult problem, usually a large proportion in the cost budget. Then, the office container house comes in front of their eyes and solves their problems.


The biggest advantage of the container house office is economic. Generally speaking, the price of real estate has a positive correlation with the distance from the downtown. The house is closer to the downtown, the higher price in rental or purchasing.

Most company founders, especially the store founder, make the effort on finding a proper and cost-effective location. Unlike real property, the price of this house is relatively cheap. The price may be affected by the size, material, and other, not the distance from the downtown.

The second reason why the container is relatively cheap is it is prefabricated. That means you don’t need to spend extra money on labor and materials.

Modern Design

For a high-tech new technology enterprise, the design of the office is one of the factors that need to be considered. An open-mind design could greatly encourage the employees to make innovations on the product or technology.

For example, the luxury house container for office creates a wonderful working environment for employees so that forms a home sense for the employees. A glass container is a great option for the natural environment. It is harmony with the surroundings that let people indulge in natural beauty.

Stable Structure

Some people may think it is unreliable for those prefab office container houses with reasonable prices. Actually, the container house manufacturers provide customers with cost-effective houses, at the same time only construct a stable and reliable house structure for customers.

As you see, this prefabricated house has excellent earthquake resistance. Each square meter roof could carry 0.6Kn snow. The roof load-bearing capacity is 0.6kn/m2. The capacity of the wall is 0.6kn/m2. The thermal conductivity of this house is 0.35kcal/m2. hc.


As a commercial product, container office is a new trend in the current market. Practical, advanced design and reliable structure are three of the most outstanding benefits for customers. Furthermore, you also could consult the office container manufacturers to get the customized service, which could manufacture the unique office container house that belongs to you.