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The advantages of container houses and introduction of a project

The advantages of container houses and introduction of a project

Jun 21,2022

From the beginning of the transforming of shipping container, people realize that the function of container is more and more widespread and gradually make it into container house. Compared with traditional buildings, container houses are not only efficient and convenient, but also environmentally friendly and safe. With the development of container houses, they have developed rapidly and are increasingly used on construction sites or warehouses. No construction waste will be generated during the construction and re-demolition. The packed rooms can be recycled and will not produce waste during the demolition and construction process, which will not pollute the surrounding environment.

Container houses can be designed according to the requirements of use space, the small individual container unit makes it easy to transport and has an extremely stable building structure. Container houses not only have comfortable interior spaces, but also have platform that provides outdoor activities. Profiles on the floor and ceiling are fixed inside, while loose detachable trim strips allow it to be easily transported . In order to show the building system, materials and colors distinguish flexibility from infrastructure modules. Partitions separate the sink, shower and toilet to optimize the use of the area. The shower is a mixed space as it can be connected to the external terrace of the terrace through glass doors. Guests can enjoy the view even in the shower.

In addition to being a single physical space, the project is a prototype that can be extended, replicated and ported to other environments. Different container arrangement! Different Spaces are created for different life scenes.