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What is the Size of a 20 &40 Ft Container house

What is the Size of a 20 &40 Ft Container house

Dec 22,2021

When you are hunting for a container house, you may have no idea about the size of the premade container house, which causes a huge possibility of choosing the wrong container for your projects. Today, I give you an introduction about the size of the container house to help you get the right prefabricated office.

What is Ft Container house?

According to the online Cambridge English Dictionary, the Ft stands for Foot. It is a unit abbreviation. In the container industry, the container home manufacturers prefer to use ft to indicate the size of the container. Therefore, 30ft luxury container house is a container with a size of 30 feet.

What is the Size of a 20 Feet Container?

20 feet container is 5800mm outer length, 2800mm outer width, and 2896 outer height. The 20ft container is one of the standard sizes in container house design. The 20feet container is suitable for basic use. Therefore, if you are finding a temporary house, the portable 20Ft folding container house could meet your specific needs.
The folding feature also allows being folded that means could save shipping space during transportation. The folding container is easy to assemble that saving labor costs.
Above the luxury prefabricated house is assembled with three 20 ft containers. The delicate external decoration is on par with real private apartments. The large terrace on the second story let owners could indulge the natural surrounding. It also provides customers with more available space.

What is the Size of 40 Feet Container?

40 ft container means a 40 feet prefabricated house (prefab house). It is 11600mm outer length, 2800mm outer width, and 2896 outer height. The 40Ft folding container house is versatile used for different purposes with its relatively large size.
This container house living home is composed of five 40ft container houses. The rugged construction ensures ordinary living needs. The wall color supports the customization. Furthermore, the broad internal space allows the owner to design the internal layout.


20ft and 40ft prefabricated living houses are the most commonly seen in the construction field. They are versatile for different purposes. Furthermore, these two sizes of prefab houses are usually can be assembled to larger sizes, only if you get the customized service from your container home manufacturers.