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an affordable container houses might be the best solution for building new house

an affordable container houses might be the best solution for building new house

Aug 22,2022

After a house has been used for a certain number of years, it is prone to different degrees of damage, and renovation may be difficult to achieve the desired effect. Rebuilding a new home is obviously even less practical. So an affordable container house might be the best solution.

The home is built entirely from shipping containers and comes with a detached garage. The main house building is built from 4 combined containers, and the garage is built from one container alone. The interior is air-conditioned and the entire area includes a full basement and laundry area.

The living room has multiple transparent glass windows to enjoy the outdoor scenery. The unique design of the interior will let you see the corrugated siding of the shipping container.

The kitchen is located next to the living room and has a high chair bar and cooking work station. Wall cabinets are hung on the wall to make the kitchen more tidy. All the countertops are paved with strip wood grain to improve the texture, only the front of the dining bar uses marble grain.

There is a corridor in the living room, along with the orange wave siding at the top of the ceiling, it leads to the stairs at the back of the house, from which you can go up to the second floor of the house. The home has a total of 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, all on the second floor, totaling over 1,300 square feet.

This well-designed home also has a basement. The underground space is unadorned and is mainly used to house various line pipes and laundry, and also provides a safe shelter during storms.