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A residence shipping container project in Brazil

A residence shipping container project in Brazil

Aug 22,2022

The designer's choice of the tranquility of the area combined with the industrial style of his new project gave birth to the first container house project in the Brazilian region.

A total of four 40-foot shipping containers were used for the residence, each 12m long and 2.9m high. The container house has three bedrooms and a total area of about 196 square meters.

The building has two floors with three bedrooms, living room, dining room with integrated kitchen, office, three bathrooms, laundry area, covered garage and balcony.

In addition to being innovative, the project also adheres to this low-carbon and environmentally friendly design concept. In addition to using outdated containers, it also uses materials that are difficult to degrade, thus saving sand, bricks, cement, water and iron, etc. resources - thus reducing the amount of rubble generated in the job.

In terms of environment, the project also adopts the method of planting green plants to reduce the temperature of the surrounding environment of the container, which has the effect of energy saving and environmental protection.