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Container house designed and built by famous Canadian company

Container house designed and built by famous Canadian company

Jul 20,2022

Located in British Columbia, Canada, this unique container house was designed and built by HONOMOBO. The container house comes with oversized floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding glass doors, making it ideal for family vacation entertainment.

The container house is divided into two parts, the left and right parts are independent suites, and they are connected by a capped passage in the middle.

There are benches for wearing shoes or resting in the passage.

On the right side is the largest suite.

Inside is a spacious living room, and further ahead is an open kitchen. The kitchen is also equipped with large glass windows, allowing you to enjoy the view outside while you cook. The entire area is bright and stylish. This suite contains a large double bed and a separate bathroom.

The other suite is much smaller in size, but it is fully furnished. Open the sofa and turn it into a bed, combining living room and bedroom, which can save a lot of space. The most special thing is of course the oversized floor-to-ceiling door that can be raised. After opening the door, you can sit on the bed and have a panoramic view of the outside of the house.