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Container house is a brand new building system

Container house is a brand new building system

Jul 20,2022

Container house is a brand new building system. Because of its convenient installation and recyclability, it can be moved to different places anytime, anywhere, bringing people a more convenient life. In terms of energy, we can choose cleaner solar energy, solar panels can meet the electricity needs of life, solar water heaters can be used for daily showering, cleaning and so on.

What are the dimensions and load-bearing capacity of common container houses?
External dimensions of an standard 20ft container is 2591*2438*6058mm, the inner deimension is 2393*2352*5898mm.

What are the building materials of containers?
Aluminum alloy, FRP, Wood, Stainless steel

What is the lifespan of a container house?
The service life of container mobile homes is 10 to 30 years. The key to the service life of the container house lies in the daily maintenance. If the paint of the container house is found to be peeling off, it should be repaired as soon as possible, so that the service life can be extended.

Is it safe to live in a metal house like a container in the face of thunderstorms?
Regarding the thunderstorm in the closed metal space, according to Mike Faraday's theory: the metal box-shaped building is the safest place, and the electric charge is shot to the closed metal container, and it will flow uniformly around the perimeter without passing through the container.