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Fire prevention techniques for container houses.

Fire prevention techniques for container houses.

May 18,2021

As a kind of temporary building, container house is loved by people because of its convenient movement, beautiful appearance, durability and good insulation effect. It is widely used in various occasions. The fire protection problem of container houses has also attracted more and more people's attention. Therefore, the following will briefly introduce the fire protection techniques of container houses.
1. Seriously implement the fire safety responsibility system, strengthen users’ awareness of fire safety, do a good job of fire safety training, and improve protection awareness; strengthen the daily fire safety management of mobile board houses, prohibit the use of high-power electrical appliances in container houses, and when leaving the room All power should be cut off in time.

2. It is forbidden to use open flames in the rooms, and it is forbidden to use container houses as kitchens, power distribution rooms, and flammable and explosive goods warehouses; the laying of electrical wiring must meet the requirements of the specification, and all wires should be laid out and covered with flame-retardant pipes.
3. Keep a safe distance between the lamp and the wall. Illumination fluorescent lamps use electronic ballasts, and coil inductive ballasts cannot be used. When the wire passes through the wall of the color steel sandwich panel, it must be covered with a non-combustible plastic tube.
4. Each board room must be equipped with a qualified leakage protection device and short-circuit overload switch; when the board room is used as a dormitory, the doors and windows should be opened outward, and the beds should not be placed too densely, and safe passages should be reserved. .
5. Equipped with a sufficient number of fire extinguishers, install indoor fire hydrants, and ensure that the water flow and pressure meet the requirements. Using rock wool with good fire resistance as the core material is a permanent cure.
6. During the construction process, the core material should be kept away from electric welding, gas welding and other open flame operations. During use, some heat sources and fire sources should not be close to the steel plate, but a certain distance should be kept. If you want to set up a kitchen in the color steel room, you need a temperature insulation layer, and the wall should be equipped with a fireproof rock wool insulation layer.
7. Wires and cables should not pass through the core material. If they need to pass through, a protective sleeve should be added. The sockets and switch boxes should be metal galvanized boxes and use surface mounting methods.
8. A safe environment can provide people with a happy and stable life. Whether it is temporary housing or various occasions, a safe environment is needed. A safe life requires attention from every bit, and the same is true for container house fire prevention. , Security, we need to start from small things, we need to start from bit by bit.