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What Are the Main Types of Mobile Folding Container House?

What Are the Main Types of Mobile Folding Container House?

Apr 17,2021

With the increasing demand of people using container mobile houses, mobile folding container houses have begun to provide many different kinds of choices. So, what types of modular folding container house are there?

1. Steel Frame Folding Container House

The main part of the steel mobile folding container house is made of steel, and its frame and box walls are also made of steel. The biggest feature of steel mobile folding container house is high strength, firm structure, good weldability, not easy to permeate water, relatively low price, and easy to repair. Because of its good water tightness, it is usually used for water transportation.

2. Aluminum Fully Furnished Folding Container House

Aluminum container mobile houses are mainly divided into two types, one is steel frame aluminum plate, the other is standard container frame with steel at both ends, and the rest is made of aluminum. The advantages of this kind of container mobile house are light weight, good appearance, good elasticity and deformability, etc. However, its price is also higher than that of steel containers. This kind of container is often used for land transportation, and it will not easily cause excessive deformation of the container in some places with poor road conditions.

3. Stainless Steel Prefab Folding Container House

The stainless steel container movable house has the characteristics of high strength, rust resistance and corrosion resistance. Due to the container made of this material, it is not easy to leak during the transportation of chemicals, which can well ensure the safe transportation of chemicals.

4. FRP Prefabricated Folding Container House

The FRP container mobile house is mainly composed of FRP composite panels on the frame. Its main advantages are good heat insulation, good corrosion resistance, good chemical properties, high strength, strong carrying capacity, large internal space in the container mobile house, and easy cleaning. Although the use effect of this type of container mobile house is very good, its price is relatively high.