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Five Misconceptions about Modern Container House Construction

Five Misconceptions about Modern Container House Construction

Feb 01,2023

Five Misconceptions about Container Construction

First, the space is small
Because the inner space of the container is a cuboid, the inner space can be designed more flexibly. In order to make the better combination of container spaces, and carefully arrange the proportional relationship of each space, it is necessary to make a floor plan. Flexible and diverse, containers will definitely meet your needs for space.

Second, the container is prone to rust.
At present, various brands of paints on the market contain a large amount of zinc powder, which will form a protective layer of zinc after being evenly sprayed on the surface of the cabinet. Because zinc is more metallic than iron, it will be oxidized and rusted before iron, so that iron can be effectively protected. Even if the paint film is damaged, the zinc layer around the damaged part can still provide effective protection for the damaged part. So this will not be a problem, its lifespan can be as long as 40 years.

Third, the misunderstanding of container buildings
Most people's knowledge and understanding of container buildings are still low-end and temporary residences, especially construction sites, which have become temporary residences for migrant workers, so they may be applied to modern buildings. It wasn't until the past two decades that container buildings, a brand-new building type, gradually appeared in people's homes, especially in foreign countries, such as container shopping plazas in South Korea.

Fourth, the weather is muggy.
There are many feasible schemes for container heat treatment, and various design styles are used in the design of the interior space to adjust the monotonous interior space of the container and solve the functionality of the interior space. The interior space is insulated with various materials to achieve normal temperature, save energy, and improve the functionality and visual art of the building. It will be a reasonable and adequate development of low-carbon buildings.

Fifth, it looks ugly
At present, there are various forms of modern container houses in foreign countries, and the building forms with high building blocks are widely used in many fields, such as container museums, container public buildings, container hotels, container cafes, container offices, etc., which are worth your reference.