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How to keep glass container house in a good condition

How to keep glass container house in a good condition

Feb 01,2023

The components of the glass container house are relatively standard, there are no complicated components, and the degree of mechanization in the process of processing is relatively high.

It is completed on the assembly line to ensure the quality. At the same time, the tightness of packaging and transportation is considered, and the nested section is used.

The transportation method is both economical and flexible. In order to reduce the volume of transportation, the components that make up the mobile home can be compressed and packaged before packing and
transportation. Common use does not require pouring concrete floors, which can reduce a lot of early construction costs and time.

The top, bottom, enclosure panels, doors and windows and other components of the prefabricated house for single occupancy are all standardized by the factory to reduce the intensity of on-site installation.

However, the structural components of the movable room are connected as a whole. When users set up power lines, they cannot wrap the lines around the steel structure. Instead, they should set up line pipes or line isolation grooves to avoid short circuits.