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How to Keep Modified Shipping Container in a Good Condition

How to Keep Modified Shipping Container in a Good Condition

Feb 28,2023

The Modified Shipping Container should be fixed on the ground as much as possible. Nowadays, many container houses use color steel structure for the sake of architectural beauty. The weight of the color steel structure is slightly lighter than that of the all-steel structure. When using it, it is necessary to use the bottom fixing device to secure it firmly. Fixed on the ground, in case of storm attack.

Generally speaking, in the inland areas of our country, the wind is relatively small, and container houses can generally withstand blows. However, in coastal cities, typhoons occur from time to time, and container houses should be reinforced as much as possible.

Pay attention to fire prevention and do a good job of fire prevention in container houses.

At ordinary times, you need to pay attention to: first, do not conduct electric welding construction near the wall; second, use certain fireproof devices when using stoves in container houses in winter; Metal pipes or refractory pipes, and ensure that the lines are grounded; Fourth, for container houses that need to be waterproofed, it is forbidden to use blowtorches and other flammable materials in the house materials.