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Introduction to container house

Introduction to container house

Sep 02,2021

We can see all kinds of container houses in many places today. Some are newsstands and breakfast snack trucks on the street; some are temporary residences during construction; some are troops stationed in the suburbs. And the experimental industrial base, etc., it can be seen that container houses are fully playing their key functions in many industries.
Generally speaking, the service life of a container house is its service life. It is not so much that the quality of the raw materials used in the production has immediate contact, even the manufacturer cannot summarize it with a simple data, but on the whole it is. The service life may be longer. If the manufacturer chooses high-quality color steel plate or steel structure to make it, plus proper maintenance for it later, then the service life of the container house can be achieved. Thirty years or more.
If the container house is carefully maintained, it can be sold to the second-hand market when it is not applicable. In that case, its application efficiency will be improved. It also conforms to the core concept of environmental protection in my country. Naturally, some productions are more efficient. Simple container houses are often modified and changed without many aspects of maintenance. The service life is only two to five years. Therefore, if you want to have a long service life, it should be used well.