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Introduction to the characteristics of container houses

Introduction to the characteristics of container houses

Sep 09,2021

The container house is a construction system that once again hits the fashion trend. It can be moved anywhere and anytime to bring people a more convenient and comfortable life. Solar photovoltaic panels can be used for indoor electricity, solar water heaters can be used for heating and water supply, and the discharge of indoor showers and domestic water is purified by the sewage treatment system for reuse. Depending on the number of personnel, container houses of different sizes can be made.

Compared with traditional commercial housing, the main advantages are as follows:

Container: Only in desolate places such as the suburbs, but the container has strong mobility, and you can change the place without changing the house.

Commercial housing: You can choose from the city center or the suburbs according to your own wishes. But once the purchase is made, it is difficult to replace it.

Container: It is very personalized, you can paint it as you like, and it can be very different. You can repaint when you don’t like it.

Commercial housing: The appearance can only be designed by the developer and cannot be changed by itself.