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Introduction to the advantages of container houses

Introduction to the advantages of container houses

Sep 09,2021

The container house is also called a container mobile house. Its basic material is a container, which is transformed into a house with doors and windows. So what are its more prominent functions?

First, from the perspective of the construction materials and construction technology, it has outstanding functions such as heat insulation, wind protection, and earthquake resistance, which can be applied to emergency houses such as rescue and disaster relief command centers to increase the safety and adaptability of housing in the disaster area. sex.

Second, from the point of view of its fast, convenient movement and flexible combination, it can be applied to temporary locations such as field exploration and construction mobile offices.

Third, as a whole, the container house is completely decorated inside and can be connected to an external electricity supply. This provides accommodation for people. Therefore, it can also be used in office, conference room, dormitory and other engineering projects to reduce construction time.

Fourth, due to the small footprint of container houses, they are also widely distributed in many fields and construction sites. Considering that it can shorten the time for workers to work back and forth, and reduce the labor cost of construction and construction.