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The Dominican Republic prefab house

The Dominican Republic prefab house

Dec 09,2020

1.Luxury Prefab House
2.The Dominican Republic prefab house 

A project for a company in The Dominican Republic. This double-layer container coffee shop consists of sereval containers. Based on the requirement of the customer, the first floor of the coffee is enclosed and the second floor is opened terrace, then the customers can choose to stay in the first floor to enjoy quiet atmosphere or they can go to the second floor through the stair to enjoy the sunset with tasted food. In the manufacturing process, we adopt those standard materials and inspection to gaurantee the stability and durability of this coffee shop.

Wall color White or optional color
Window Aluminum window/ plastic window
Floor Glass magnesium board/cement fiber board (decorative surface can be added)
Wall decoration PVC siding/WPC siding
Voltage selection 220V/110V
Wind resistance Wind speed ≤120km/h
Earthquake resistance Level 7
Snow load capacity of roof 0.6kn / m2
Roof load-bearing capacity 0.6kn / m2
Allowable load on the wall 0.6kn / m2
Thermal Conductivity 0.35kcal / m2·hc
Applicable environment Carport, hotel, house, kiosk, stall, office, sentry box, guardhouse, shop, toilet, villa, warehouse, workshop