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Introduction of integrated houses

Introduction of integrated houses

Jul 22,2021

Introduction of integrated houses
With the development of new industrialization technology, the construction of houses can be done like machine production. By prefabricating house components in advance, houses can be manufactured in batches.

In the long-term development process, integrated houses and prefabricated houses, as emerging architectural models, have many similarities, but they are two different concepts.

What is an integrated house?
Integrated houses (also known as movable or removable houses) were born in the late 1950s. The main concept is to process the load-bearing structure represented by steel structure in accordance with the design requirements by prefabricating walls and roofs in the factory, which can be quickly assembled into a house construction mode.
The integrated house is composed of a structural system, a ground system, a floor system, a wall system, and a roof system. Each system is composed of several unit modules. The unit modules are manufactured in the factory, and the house site is assembled by the unit modules. The integrated house can be disassembled and moved without destroying the land. It has realized the transformation from the "real estate" property of the house to the "movable property" property for thousands of years, and realized the separation of "real estate" and "real estate" for thousands of years.
Integrated house is a temporary or permanent house that is easy to demolish, install, transport, store, and can be reused many times and for turnover. Widely used in temporary offices and dormitories on construction sites; construction houses for large-scale field exploration and field operations such as transportation, water conservancy, oil, natural gas, etc.; temporary houses for urban offices, civil settlements, exhibitions, etc.; leisure villas and holiday houses in tourist areas; earthquake resistance Housing for disaster relief and military fields.