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The advantages and disadvantages of container construction.

The advantages and disadvantages of container construction.

Jul 22,2021

What is the difference between a containerized building and a steel-concrete structure house?

1. Container construction: In terms of energy saving, the container is made of weathering steel and belongs to the composite insulation layer wall. It has low thermal conductivity and is warm in winter and cool in summer. The thermal insulation performance of 100mm composite wall is equivalent to that of 610mm thick traditional brick-concrete structure wall. However, the traditional steel-concrete structure has high thermal conductivity and general insulation performance and high energy consumption. There is also a short construction period for containerized buildings, 10-20 days for a single unit and 20-40 days for a combined type, which is less restricted by natural conditions. Traditional steel-concrete structures are greatly affected by natural conditions, and the construction period is 190-300 days. Moreover, containerized buildings have a good performance in recycling and low-carbon environmental protection.

2. Steel frame structure refers to: the building uses reinforced concrete beams, slabs, and columns to bear the load, while the walls are filled with materials (such as hollow blocks, etc.), which are not load-bearing, and play the role of maintenance and sound insulation. Nowadays, high-rise buildings mostly use this structure. Steel frame structure is a structure mainly made of steel, and it is one of the main building structure types. It has the following characteristics: light weight, high reliability of work, good vibration (shock) resistance, impact resistance, high degree of industrialization, easy to form a sealed structure, easy to corrode, poor fire resistance, etc.

3. Reinforced concrete structure refers to the joint load-bearing of reinforced concrete beams, slabs, columns and walls. Reinforced concrete structure is a structure built with steel bars and concrete. The steel bars bear the tensile force and the concrete bears the pressure. Due to the good plasticity and toughness of steel, it can have greater deformation and can withstand dynamic loads well. Secondly, the steel has good homogeneity and isotropy. It is an ideal elastic body and conforms to the basic assumptions of general engineering mechanics. Therefore, the steel structure The seismic performance is better than that of reinforced concrete structures. It belongs to the category of traditional buildings.