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The advantages of prefabricated house.

The advantages of prefabricated house.

Jul 22,2021

The prefabricated house in our country can be divided into three types of systems: prefabricated concrete structures, prefabricated steel structures and prefabricated wooden structures. Among them, the first two types of structures are the most common fabricated structures:

Prefabricated precast concrete structure: a concrete structure assembled by prefabricated components as the main force-bearing component. It can be divided into two stages: factory prefabrication and on-site assembly. There are roughly three parts and components in this structure:
1. Structural components (prefabricated columns, prefabricated shear wall panels, prefabricated beams, prefabricated floors, prefabricated stairs, etc.).
2. Non-structural components (prefabricated external wall panels, prefabricated parapets, prefabricated partition walls, prefabricated non-masonry internal partition walls, etc.).
3. Functional components (non-masonry pipelines, integrated interior partition walls, integrated kitchens, integrated bathrooms, etc.).
Fabricated steel structure: A structure whose components are mainly made of steel. It is mainly composed of steel beams, steel columns, steel trusses and other components made of section steel and steel plates. The components or parts are usually connected by welding, bolting or riveting.