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Some knowledge points of building container houses

Some knowledge points of building container houses

Jul 22,2021

Some knowledge points of building container houses
In the past few years, the penetration rate of container transport houses has increased greatly, and this is for good reason: they are strong, durable, cheap, environmentally friendly (compared to traditional materials), and allow modular design. In 2006, California architect Peterdemaria designed the first two-story shipping container house in the United States. Since then, the container has been used to build pop-up hotels, shopping centers, and some creative homestays and residences.
Why should you consider renovating a house with shipping containers?

Strength and durability
This is very simple. In terms of its initial use in transportation, shipping containers are designed to load heavy objects and stack them up. They can also withstand harsh environments.
low cost
The number of many used shipping containers is far below the number required for brick-concrete structures. Not only that, you can also save on building larger and more expensive foundations. Considering that labor expenditures are much less, even buying brand new containers is relatively cheap.
The shipping container is the Lego building block of the construction industry. Combining containers into larger structures simplifies design, planning and transportation. This also allows you to have a home where you can grow up with you!
The average shipping container weighs about 3,500 kilograms. Used containers can not only be easily recycled, but also reduce the demand for bricks and cement.